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5 Tips For Effortless Family Photos

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How can I make my family photos look effortless instead of posed? This a question I get asked on the daily. Family photos can be associated with stress, anxiousness, and unexcited sighs- especially if it’s a bigger family. I already understand the planning and commitment that comes with family photos, so I want to ensure that my clients get the finished gallery they envisioned! For the moms worried about their photos looking too posed or like a gong show- this blog post will be your best friend! Here are my five tips for effortless family photos!

Teachable Moments Photograph Beautifully

We all have that one child we love dearly; however, behaving doesn’t quite fit their personality. Or- maybe you’re trying to settle down some crying during your family session. Although this may seem undesirable during the moment, you’d be amazed at what can come from these moments of comfort and connection! My best advice is to keep your cool and know that there is goodness to be captured during your family photos during those brief periods of hecticness.

beach family photos
beach family photos
beach family photos

Let The Nothingness Wash Over You

During your family photos, if I’m not giving you feedback or you feel like you’re just standing in a field doing nothing, know you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing! Natural, raw, and organic moments during family sessions make for effortless family photos! Trust the process.

Keep Your Reactions Light & Soft

You know that saying less is more? That term applies to family photos as well. The fewer big expressions and the less excessive talking, the better! As parents, it’s easy to react when things don’t go as initially wanted, but I’m telling you- soak it all in and let the little stuff go. Try to control as little as possible and connect with each other and your kids as much as possible!

Focus On Eachother In The Moment

Parents often feel obligated to have their eyes glued to the camera at all times during family sessions. I’m here to tell you this is NOT the case! During your family photos, focus on each other, and know that when I need your attention on the lens- I’ll tell you! 

Keep Your Family Close And Your Marriage The Centre Of Attention

The overall mood is a huge contributing factor that determines how your family shoot will go. Believe it or not, but parents, you guys are the ones that set the tone for the session! If you’re calm and focused on enjoying the space and time with your family, you’ll notice that the expectations of perfect smiles, the running away, and the rule-breaking will be minimal! Don’t let stress and preconceived notions get the best of you- keep the atmosphere laid back, and you’ll see that everything falls into place!

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