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5 Step Guide: How to plan for Fall Family Photos

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Summer has officially left. The kids are all back in school. The weather is starting to change, and all the fun festivities are coming upon us. For many, this can only mean one thing- fall family photos. Fall is one of the best times to plan family pictures because routine is more prevalent, it’s not as hot, and fall colors are versatile and easy to work with. That being said- sometimes figuring out what your family should wear for your family photos can leave you feeling stranded in the dark. Stress no more! I’ve created this 5 step guide on what to wear, suggestions, and outfit inspiration for your fall family photos!

mom is crouching down and kissing her son
mom is playing with her sons hair

¬†#1. Don’t focus on matching; Focus on coordinating

Far too many people have made this mistake at least once in their lifetime. Don’t get me wrong- matching can be cute- when it comes to little children, workout sets, and accessories. But when you’re putting together outfits for your fall family pictures- let’s try another route. Coordinating is your friend because there are so many different aspects of coordinating that you can accomplish. Colors, baggy or tight clothes, hair, jewelry, and other accessories, are all pieces that you can combine to create a beautiful puzzle!

mom is smiling at the baby while the dad holds him
shot of a pregnant belly
lifestyle family session in the kitchen

#2. The secret to a successful outfit is all in the little details

This is a factor that we often overlook. We get so caught up in the bigger details that we forget that sometimes the best statements are made through the finer print. Solids, patterns, textures, and accessories- are small things that go a LONG way. Try to incorporate one of these details with each outfit to create that easy-going but fun lifestyle look.

golden hour family photos in a field
black and white newborn lifestyle photoshoot
shot of all the kids sitting in front of the beach cliffs

 #3. Take location into consideration

Location plays a tremendous role when planning outfits for your fall family photos. If the area is bold and busy, don’t try to compete with it. You know the sayings “too much of a good thing is a bad thing” or “less is more”? Whoever said that was spot on, and their statements come into full effect with coordinating outfits with the scenery. The great thing about this is that it can also be applied and vice versa. If you choose a more neutral setting, find a way to make your outfits stand out with colors or prints!

fall family photos
dad is playing with his son on the beach
family photos in a field

#4. Determine the intention with your fall family pictures

There is always an underlying motive as to why you are sacrificing your sanity to deal with complaining kids, an impatient husband, and the overall stress of planning family photos, to begin with! As a mom and someone who has taken countless family sessions- the mother always has a specific reason for gathering up her tribe and capturing them all together. When planning your fall family photos, decide where you want to showcase them. Are they more for a seasonal Christmas card, or are you planning on creating a gallery wall in your home? If it’s for a Christmas card, try to have the template and design already chosen beforehand so you can use that as inspiration. If it’s for a gallery wall, consider the room’s color and style and frames if you have those pre-selected. Always let your photographer know your end vision for the photos so they can accommodate that!

family picture on the beach
little did daughter is hugging moms pregnant stomach

#5. The sooner you have things figured out, the better

My last tip of advice is to try and be one step ahead! Have everyone in your family try their outfits on, and then all get together so you can ensure that they are all coordinated. There truly is nothing worse than finding out a sleeve won’t stay put, a toddler hates the texture of their dress, or the eyeshadow color doesn’t go with your shirt- especially at the last minute when you’re trying to hurry everyone out the door.

shot of family laying on an outdoor couch
indoor lifestyle family shoot
beach family photo of family of three
golden hour family photo


As you’ve come to the end of this post, I listed my main points as a refresher for how to plan your fall family photo outfits.

#1. Coordinate your families outfits

#2. Use accessories and small details to accentuate outfits 

#3. The location of the photos affects outfit choices

#4. Where will you be showcasing your photos

#5. Plan in advance 

behind the corner shot of mom kissing daughter

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