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How-To Guide: Picking The Right Wedding Videographer

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The million-dollar question that comes up with every client during our initial call. Questions such as “what are your thoughts on a wedding video?”, “is it worth it” “I don’t know any wedding videographers”- the list could go on! I get it; finding the right wedding videographer can be scary and intimidating, especially when unfamiliar with the film world. I’m here to guide you through those questions and concerns because let’s be honest- this is a TOUGH question to answer for couples. My strategy is to lay down all the facts so they can decide if they want one and then go about picking the perfect wedding videographer for your wedding with complete confidence!

Let’s be realistic-how often will we watch our wedding video?

I’m going to be honest- you’re right; you will only watch it MAYBE once a year. But, how special and sentimental will it be when it’s ten years down the road, and you and your partner decide to whip out your old wedding video on a Sunday afternoon, and it’s as if you’re right back there, feeling all the butterflies again? Imagine watching it with your kids as they prepare for their weddings a few decades from now. Talk about a sweet family heirloom! For me, having the ability to do that is worth the money! Find a wedding videographer whose film style resembles your style. If you lean less on the cheesy and sentimental part and more towards the fun and exciting side- find a videographer who focuses on capturing the loud and happy moments!

The Expenses- a wedding videographer is an investment!

I won’t argue with you on this one- wedding videographers, similar to wedding photographers, are an investment of your money and can get pricey. Something I like to point out to interested couples is that, believe it or not, creating a five-minute wedding video is incredibly meticulous and highly time-consuming. For a photographer, so much of our work is done by the camera, with editing being secondary regarding the time it takes to deliver your gallery (at least, this is how it should be for quality photographers). On the other hand, video editing is only getting started on the day of your wedding. Their job truly begins when they sit down at their computer and start chipping away, editing your wedding film! Wedding videographers may be more on the expensive side, but having your entire day captured and molded into a beautiful three to five-minute film is something to be cherished!

Never trust cheap- ever.

For almost all couples, photography is the focal point of their wedding. I would never recommend any couple to invest any of their budget into a low-grade or unprofessional wedding videographer. It’s hard to comprehend, but a lousy videographer can ruin moments of your wedding ceremony, take away time from you, or get in the way of your wedding photos. Unfortunately, I’ve seen it, and I’ve lived it. Suppose a good wedding videographer is outside your budget. In that case, I tell couples to nominate certain family members, guests, or wedding party members to capture behind-the-scenes footage of your big day. You would be amazed at the sweet film that can come from something like this! Give them guidelines to follow, and let them take creative control!

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Finding the perfect blend- the best of both worlds!

Working with a quality wedding videographer can actually enhance your wedding photos! My photography style and posing taste blends so beautifully with videography. Keeping you moving and creating natural moments allows me and the videographer to simultaneously capture all the perfect moments in still and video. With the right duo, it can make for the best mix of images and videos to complement each other and highlight the unforgettable moments of your wedding day!

The Golden Rule- you get what you pay for.

This saying pretty much speaks for itself. To be laser-focused and locked in on your craft means that you are doing it full-time. Doing something full-time at a high caliber means you can only take on so many a year. I’ve compiled a list of videographers I’ve had excellent experiences working with! I highly encourage you to check them out. They are tried and true by yours truly! Each videographer has their own taste and style that I absolutely admire!

Wedding Videographers I Recommend

1. Memory Machine Films : The sweetest husband & wife duo that create romantic, light-hearted films for clients. They are the absolute sweetest addition to your wedding day!

2. Chara Akers : If you lean towards the filmy, vintage aesthetic, Chara Akers is the wedding videographer! She creates moments in a unique, funky, retro type vibe!

3. Mcduff Productions: For a sharp, edgy, fast-paced style of editing with a cool & clean aesthetic.

4. Boffo Video: A team of incredibly clean and classic videographers that are a absolute joy to work with!

5. Sail and Summit Films: For a modern, moody, and romantic couple, this is the perfect choice!

6. The Hubs Films: Another awesome husband & wife duo with effortlessly stunning videos!

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